Re-orchestrating Buildings and Wires (2024) premieres May 8th in London.

Re-orchestrating Buildings and Wires (2024) premieres at the SPARC Lab and SPARC Symposium (Im)probable Networks. An immersive 3-D sound and movement system hosted by the SPARC (Sound Practice and Research) @City Research Centre in the Department of Performing Arts, London.

On the Other Side - selected for the West Nordic International Film Festival

On the Other Side - a film by Einy Aam Sparks with film music by Kristian Skaarbrevik has been selected for the West Nordic International Film Festival March 7-9 2024.

On the Other Side wins at the Carpe Diem film festival, in Barcelona.

On the Other Side, a film by Einy Aam Sparks and film music by Kristian Skårbrevik became an award winner at the Carpe Diem Film Festival in Barcelona, Spain in April 2024.

Sledge Duo with the premiere of “Divided Fragments" (2023)

Sledge Duo with Jakob Glans and Anton Lindström with the premiere of “Divided Fragments” (2023) at Boksenfestivalen in Oslo on 21.10.2023.

BAKom (Beyond) - compositions and performances

BAKom (Beyond), a 70-minute site-specific performance exploring the hidden spaces and architecture of Parken Kulturhus in Ålesund through dance, film, installation art, and music celebrating their 25-year anniversary. With artists Einy Aam Sparks, Tonje Aas Molnes, Martha Standal, Henrik Koppen and Solveig Fagermo.

Before the city changes - art film

"Before the city changes" - art film collaboration with dance artist Tonje Aas Molnes and filmmaker Mateo R. Christensen. The collaboration explores and archives sounds, movements, and visual explorations of Ålesund of locations and areas that are about to be transformed.

Territories - Exibithion at Lydgalleriet in Bergen

Rather than considering “Territory” as a geographical definition, it includes areas such as knowledge, activity, and experiences. The themes in the seven projects range from childhood homes in Honningsvåg in northern Norway to  to geological layers beneath the glacier Blåisen surface in Finse, and from there again to dance as a form of survival in Fortaleza’s favelas. 18.11.-18.12.22 at Lydgalleriet, Bergen. Photo: Emma Gunnarsson

Ålesund string quartet premieres four new compositions.

Performances at Harøy Church and Spjelkavik Church of the compositions Fernweh, Day farming, Change and The limits of reason. May 7-8 2022.

Music for In-Between-Spaces - interdisciplinary documentary.

“In - Between - Spaces” music to interdisciplinary between a film, dance and music documentary by Anderson Carvalho. Nederland. November 2020.

Electroacoustic piece for 24-speakers with 3D sound.

Performance of ”Herring Genome” - electroacoustic piece performed using 24-speakers with 3D sound. Sentralen, Oslo, December 16 2018.

Presentation and music of Territories at the House of Literature in Oslo. Organised by Ny Musikk and NMK.

From the project called “In the good garden”. On filming, sound and field recordings and working in the favela Bom Jardim in Brazil March 2022. Together with Lola Katzenberger (Germany) and choreographer Katiana Pena (Brazil). As part of the project Territories with NMK. May 20, 2022. Photo: Emma Gunnarsson.

Concert at Chateau Neuf, Oslo organised by

Ny Musikk´s Komponistgruppe.

Premiere of “The Shape Of Objects To Come”, composition for objects and electronics, Oslo, January 18 2022.

Artist talk, concerts and sound installation organised at Mottaket organised by Aggregat art fellowship.

Presentation of “Chimes and the city”, a sound installation about sound awareness in Ålesund and performances. Mottaket, Ålesund. August 30 - September 5 2021.

Music for the dance company Corpo Mudança appearance on TV Globo and the Caldeirão do Huck show.

Music for contemporary dance on TV Globo in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. January 2019.